Five essential Alteryx Links by an Alteryx ACE

The Ultimate Input Data Flowchart

Do you have multiple files you want to bring into Alteryx dynamically and don’t want to use an individual Input Data tool, for each file then this is the guide for you.

DateTime Function

Alteryx uses ISO format to represent dates any other formats are read as a string. This link provides a list of all the specifiers you need when do date conversations, which is handy as they are case-sensitive. Also provides a list of the date time functions you can use on your data such as DateTimeTrim which is very handy as it has the option of lastofmonth.

Visually Compare Workflow Versions

Want to easily compare the difference between the differences between two workflows, without having to check each tool individually then this is neat trick on how to do that comparison.

Auto Documentation

Do you need a way to document your workflow and share how it works with others who don’t have Alteryx? Then this tool developed by Keyrus “Shameless company plug” and shared on the community is for you. I’ve used it to on-board new users and for compliance and audit purposes and for work I delivered as a Consultant at Keyrus.

Version Support Policy

As I help organisations to adopt Alteryx the question of how often should I update typically comes up. The version support policy is typically where I point them to as each version of the Alteryx product, has technical support for a period of 18 months from release date. It also provides details of what version of R is used in Alteryx and Mongo for those who have Alteryx Server.

Hope you find this blog helpful and found some new useful links with Alteryx. Please leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter @JosephSerpis or on the Alteryx Community and Linkedin.

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