Love is Sweeter

When the latest version of Alteryx is out during valentines and the girls are happily playing… why not upgrade your setup?

Supplied with my latest ACE License Key (Thanks Tuvy) I set to work. Personal machine with full god powers. AG you crack me up!

Firstly logging in at 15:49 to download the latest version, this was completed 15:53. Total of 4 mins to download over a pretty decent internet connection. Today I think I am going to ensure predictive, R and Python are all installed and working without any conflicts… as its been a while since I implemented this setup and personally I want to see if I still have the touch! Plus this is really handy for those new into Data Science wanting to know what to do.

Step 1: Download Alteryx

Personally I found a small delay between opening the install file and the unpacking to start, which lead to my impatient fingers clicking more than once. Be aware! Oh impatient ones. For those with Alteryx already installed this installer will remove your previous version for you.

Because some places need click by click documentation I am going to include all the images required for the whole installation. I know this is tedious, but if this saves someone having to get hold of a test machine to unpack and screenshot everything, consider this a gift.

Step 2: Download Predictive Tools for Alteryx with R 3.6.3

Useful notes from the installation:

Python Version is Python 3.8.5 – location of installation folder: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\Miniconda3 R Version is 3.6.3 – location of installation folder: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\R-3.6.3 Always worth reading the release notes: Server 2021.1 Release Notes | Alteryx Help

Step 3: Configure RStudio

I already have R Studio installed on my machine so I only had to update the folder in the global settings to be able to run my R code again. If you don’t you will need to install it, however don’t install R itself as you already have this installed under the Alteryx folder structure and you can point RStudio to it once installed. (Tools >> Global Options brings the following window)

Once you have done this you do need to restart R Studio in order to take the new location into effect before you rush off, its best to try some R code. Here is a bit of code I like using to try:

x <- data.frame(cars)

#AlteryxGraph(2, width=576, height=576)
abline(lm(cars$dist ~ cars$speed))

This code is written both RStudio and Alteryx friendly. The comments can be uncommented for Alteryx but the code itself is ready for RStudio. Its always important to test both your environments are working and that you get the same results from both so this simple test should help you on your way.

Perfect setup for a day playing with Alteryx.

New Features which I have noticed in 2021.1 of Alteryx

The amazing double click to add a tool to the canvas. This is an absolute time saving gem. When you know the flow you are creating and you just want to get on with it. These time saving features are perfect. Awesome work guys. I personally love the F2 shortcut, when you are on a tool, this will take you straight to the Annotation section of the tool with the text highlighted ready for updating. Again another perfect way to support the users to design their workflow with notes from the start at speed. I have seen there are a few more shortcuts now. Worth updating yourselves for your CORE certifications… shortcuts are here. The download tool now has the Throttle tool built in. I look forward to testing this one out on my webscraping workflows.

New features which I have noticed in 2021.1 of Alteryx but were released in a prior version

I upgrade my version from 2020.3. So the features I have noticed are under the Results – Actions is now a consolidated menu in which the Save, Copy & Paste and New Window options sit. This one does make this area look smarter however I think its adding an extra click to those who love to throw out the data straight to Excel. (Yes, users still do this) I would love to see a programmable button here where you can have an output already configured and just click it. Making it super speedy to see that data.

I hope this helps you all internally when working with IT get your setup working much faster. Tried and tested right here for you. Happy Valentines 2021. *o*

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